TRAPEZE in CitySCAPE Podcast Series Episode #1

In a podcast published by the CitySCAPE project, Amedeo D’Arcangelo, Tobias Eichinger and Jonathan Langens explain how an imagined fourth TRAPEZE use case, dedicated to a local public transport company, could benefit from the technology and solutions developed by the TRAPEZE project. The CitySCAPE project is exploring the cyber threats in the complex network of transport infrastructure and developing a software toolkit to detect and identify threats.

“What happens when experts from two successful H2020 projects share their experience and knowledge? A new idea is born: A ‘fancy’ TRAPEZE use-case, dedicated to a local public transport company, like the ones involved in the CitySCAPE project, to highlight how their end-users, mostly passengers and local public transport companies employees, can benefit from the solutions provided by TRAPEZE.”

You can find the episode on Anchor and Spotify.