TRAPEZE Project Webinar: Pioneering Privacy, Transparency, and Security for European Citizens – Summary

The project organised a special webinar to showcase the remarkable achievements of the TRAPEZE project. This groundbreaking initiative has made significant advancements in safeguarding individual privacy while ensuring data transparency and security. The webinar was held on 17 July 2023 to present two compelling use cases and highlight cutting-edge privacy-preserving technologies developed during this extensive research endeavor.

The webinar was divided into two parts:

Part 1: Use Cases by Caixa Bank and Deutsche Telekom – During this session, representatives from Caixa Bank and Deutsche Telekom shared their real-world experiences and demonstrated how the TRAPEZE project has positively impacted their organizations. These sessions provided valuable insights into the practical implementation of privacy, transparency, sovereignty, and security principles within the banking and telecommunications sectors.

Part 2: Privacy Preserving Technologies. The second part of the webinar delved into the innovative privacy-preserving technologies that have been developed as part of the TRAPEZE project. TRAPEZE experts provided a comprehensive overview of these advanced solutions, showcasing their potential to transform data handling practices across various industries while ensuring individual privacy remains intact. More than ten experts in the relevant above-mentioned fields attended the webinar.