TRAPEZE Project Workshop at Digital Flanders

The TRAPEZE project held a workshop on 27 January 2023 at the Flemish Government’s Digital Flanders division. The event aimed to highlight the latest developments in secure data sharing and brought together a diverse group of professionals for presentations, discussions, and networking.

The workshop was divided into several sessions, starting with an introduction to the TRAPEZE project by Alexander Vasylchenko of Tenforce, followed by Sander Verhaeven of Digital Flanders on their use case for secure diploma sharing. Piero Bonatti from CINI then gave a talk about sticky policies and how they are used in TRAPEZE.

Other topics covered included “The Platform Personal Data Inventory – AI-driven data discovery, classification and identity correlation” and “ID Wallet – Self-sovereign identity and consent management tool” both presented by Tenforce.  

The workshop concluded with a discussion among attendees on security and privacy-oriented personal data processing. The TRAPEZE Workshop provided a valuable platform for the experts to exchange ideas and discuss current and future challenges in the field of secure data processing particularly applied to the use of a governmental organisation such as Digital Flanders.

Sanam Nisar Mangi from Tenforce presenting their ID Wallet solution.