TRAPEZE at the Final CityScape Event

The TRAPEZE project participated in the final event of the CitySCAPE project on 28 June 2023 in Athens, Greece. TRAPEZE and CitySCAPE projects are funded by the EU’s Horizon Europe […]

TRAPEZE Project Webinar: Pioneering Privacy, Transparency, and Security for European Citizens – Summary

The project organised a special webinar to showcase the remarkable achievements of the TRAPEZE project. This groundbreaking initiative has made significant advancements in safeguarding individual privacy while ensuring data transparency […]

Workshop on Privacy, Transparency, Sovereignty and Security – Summary

A collaborative workshop on privacy, transparency, sovereignty, and security was held on 27-28 April 2023 at the Inria Mediterranean Campus in Sophia Antipolis. The workshop was co-organized by the European […]

The TRAPEZE Privacy Dashboard – New User Interface, New Opportunities

In our previous blogpost [/the-trapeze-dashboard-control-what-data-is-processed-for-which-purposes/], we highlighted that implementing user interfaces for consent management is complex in practice. This is often hard to believe as the goals we as users […]

TRAPEZE Use Cases are Achieving their Final Stage

The TRAPEZE project is advancing and has already reached the final year of its lifetime. Indeed, the three project use cases are advancing accordingly with the objective of demonstrating TRAPEZE […]

TRAPEZE Project Workshop at Digital Flanders

The TRAPEZE project held a workshop on 27 January 2023 at the Flemish Government’s Digital Flanders division. The event aimed to highlight the latest developments in secure data sharing and […]

Privacy Policies as a Tool for Intellectual Property Rights Management: The WIPF 2022 Conference

Privacy and Intellectual Property have more in common than might be assumed at first glance: Both are “intangible assets” and both are under constant pressure to provide monetary benefits for […]

The TRAPEZE Dashboard: control what data is processed for which purposes

“You must agree to our privacy policy!” We often agree to terms and conditions and privacy policies without taking the time to read or fully understand them. Yet, consent is […]

TRAPEZE poster available for download

Do you need a poster to present TRAPEZE? You can download the pdf file and scale it to the size needed.

Privacy Policies: a key prerequisite for data monetization in the telecommunications industry

Data monetization has long been a business that companies like Google, Facebook dominated (or even “owned”). From the perspective of a telecommunications provider (“telco”), this was (and still is) a […]

TRAPEZE in CitySCAPE Podcast Series Episode #1

In a podcast published by the CitySCAPE project, Amedeo D’Arcangelo, Tobias Eichinger and Jonathan Langens explain how an imagined fourth TRAPEZE use case, dedicated to a local public transport company, […]

New version of the TRAPEZE leaflet published

Download the leaflet in pdf.

Privacy, Data Quality & More in Data Spaces

The European H2020 projects MOSAICrOWN and TRAPEZE joined forces to organise a workshop entitled “Privacy, data quality & more in Data Spaces” during the European Big Data Value Forum 2021 […]

From Capital to Privacy – TRAPEZE mobile

A noble goal of the TRAPEZE project is the enlightenment of the European citizen. Light shall be brought to the seemingly impenetrable wilderness of personal data usage! Yet, the promised […]

The TRAPEZE Policy Framework

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced strong incentives to virtuous personal data processing.  Consequently, companies (and data controllers in general) are looking for automated support in order to comply […]

Securing citizens data with the Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK

European citizens will soon be equipped with a mobile application that will empower them to take charge of the security and privacy of their data. This will happen through interaction […]

The TRAPEZE authentication with Keycloak

Security is one of the central components of the Trapeze platform. Any data stored and processed by the TRAPEZE platform should be accessible only to authorized individuals. In order to […]

The TRAPEZE Privacy Dashboard

The TRAPEZE platform provides various security and privacy features. The Privacy Dashboard serves citizens as a gateway to the TRAPEZE platform by offering them management tools for their data security […]

TRAPEZE participated in Smart Contracts roundtable within the EC Program for the ICT Blockchain Standardization

In 2020, the European Commission brought together more than 200 distinguished expert-level participants to participate in the roundtable discussions on Blockchain Standardization. Following much positive feedback and numerous extension requests, […]

Metadata, Policy and Reasoning

Piero Bonatti from Università di Napoli Federico II, presenting “Metadata, Policy and Reasoning” in the frame of the TRAPEZE project. The presentation was recorded during the Workshop on Metadata Interoperability […]

Report on Metadata Interoperability Workshop at the EBDV Data Week 2021

In the frame of the European Big Data Value Data Week, 32 metadata experts from academia and industry attended the Workshop on Metadata Interoperability on 27 May 2021. The workshop […]

Three pilot demonstrators

One of the main goals of the TRAPEZE project is to provide system prototype demonstration. In other words, we are seeking to monitor, evaluate, document and assess the viability and […]

TRAPEZE leaflet

The TRAPEZE project in a nutshell. In pdf for download, printing and distribution. Available in English and in French

Press Release

30.11.2020 – this PR in pdf TRAPEZE – Transparency, Privacy and Security for European Citizens TRAPEZE – Transparency, Privacy and Security for European Citizens – is a European Innovation Action with […]

Kick-off meeting

The project’s kick-off meeting took place on 29 September 2020.