TRAPEZE participated in Smart Contracts roundtable within the EC Program for the ICT Blockchain Standardization

In 2020, the European Commission brought together more than 200 distinguished expert-level participants to participate in the roundtable discussions on Blockchain Standardization. Following much positive feedback and numerous extension requests, DG Connect conducted three new roundtables for the ICT Verticals and Horizontals for Blockchain Standardisation in 2021. The  TRAPEZE Project had the opportunity to participate in the roundtable on Smart Contracts held on April 21, 2021, 09:00 – 12:30 CEST [Online]

More than sixty Horizon 2020 projects expressed their interest to participate. The TRAPEZE project presented its approach to utilizing Hyperledger channels as a part of the TRAPEZE platform and its interaction concept with Smart Contracts. Other Horizon 2020 projects ARTICONF, MEDINA, StandICT, and BEACON also presented their view on Smart Contracts applications in the use cases.

Besides Horizon 2020 projects, EC Program and Policy Officers (DG CONNECT F3), INATBA, and blockchain standardization experts from ISO TC 307, ETSI PDL, and EBSI.

After the presentations, an open discussion among all the participants touched upon the following questions:

  1. A smart contract is not necessarily “smart” nor “contract”;
  2. Obstacles to the cross-border use of Smart Contracts in national and EU laws;
  3. Expanding use cases of smart contract
  4. Need for clear legal frameworks and standardization

Participating in standardization activities is strongly supported by the European Commission. It helps to disseminate and exploit activities while strengthening the overall impact of the TRAPEZE project both in Europe and internationally. All the information, details, and the Agenda can be found on the official Shaping Europe’s digital future website – here: https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/events/ict-verticals-and-horizontals-blockchain-standardisation

by Alexander Vasylchenko